Todd Simons aka Boogie Man

cousin to Carter and Carlton Simmons


No one truly knows where he comes from, or just when he started acting his part in the Big West Coast Whoopin’ Fixer-O-Matic. He seems to know the inside story behind many an old affair, hinting at some past live in the show before he moved to Night City.

“You know, I can’t prove anything, but there was that guy on Edgy Channel in LA, back in the 05’s, that hosted a show called Gutter Hide. People would call, true edgerunners mind ya, weren’t lotsa them by then, when they’d be in a real fix and a’needing somewhere to let things cool down, and there that voice would tell ‘em where ta go. Called it Gutter God or somesuch. T’was pirate stuff and all, so voice was garbled, but once the garbling stuff failed and true voice came out – mind my word, that was exactly HIS voice, that of the fat bastard we saw yesterday get out of the wrecked car. Says he’s Boogie Man, but I say he’s Gutter God, straight back from the frickin’ death !” Carlos, Skimmie’s bartender.

Today, he has contact with some of the best teams in the Cals. He gathers contracts – hard ones, that require perfect execution or just have a high risk factor. Then he calls the teams, has the run executed, and gathers the money. And so on. Clean system, if basic, that makes him a little richer every year.

“They found Barry yesterday. He was damn fast, said he’d seen it all, but didn’t saw that one coming. The best teams that work for that guy, sometime they disappear. Like Barry’s one. Never to be seen again – they just pack everything up one day and leave. Haven’t got the slightest idea where they go. Guess you’ll find for yourself ! Well, see you Dave – or not ?”
As the woman leaves the table, Dave quickly gathers his stuff. A few minutes later, he storms into the disaffected liquor store they use as living quarters, his stomach retching at the sour smell that comes from downstairs. Groper is here, yelling orders at everyone. Crates and bags cover the floor, and a small truck waits in the back alley.
“Groper, got something to tell ya – something important. It’s about Boogie Man : seems there is something fishy…” “What ? Whaddya talking about ? Has he ever pulled a con on us ?” “Well, no, but…” “But nothing, dickhead. Gather your gear – we’re packing here for good. Leavin=g in half an hour. Move !”

“Hey Anita, seen Dave lately ?”

Todd Simons aka Boogie Man

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