Savage Doc

Clinical version of a corporate who will do any surgery as long as he's paid up front.


Bartholemew Astor aka “Savage Doc” is from old money aristocracy. His family lost that status years ago. However, he has never lost the taste for it. He earned his medical degree and came out to California to practice medicine. Bartholemew never had any higher calling, it was and always has been about regaining that aristicratic family status. He maintains a suite at the Hotel Yamigumi. His “studio” is in “Little Delhi” which is maintained by a well trained staff. All work is done by appointment only.

To set up an appointment one only has to contact “Bill” at the Hotel Yamigumi. Rates will vary and all fees are paid in full up front. The doctor does not appreciate “deadbeats.”

Rumor has it the Watchmaker has histroy with Savage Doc

Savage Doc

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