Renee Reynard

Burned out Rocker and old mentor of Morgan


Renee Reynard was once a top draw on the European rocker scene. Her last album, All These Foxes, sold four million chips in just seven weeks. But a hard-driving singing style and life in the fast lane put too much strain on her vocal cords and resulted in the loss of her voice. Surgery did not fully correct the problem and she retired from the
music scene after a short-lived career.

A year passed, with Renee surfacing in Night City as the late night host of Z-KNT radio. Her knowledge of music and the industry surrounding It gives her the edge over her
competitors.While the restorative surgery did not return her singing voice, the husky, whisky-throated quality of her speech, along with her subtle French accent has proved to be irresistible to the listeners.

Renee Reynard

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