Chester Atkins

Chief of EBM's North American R&D lab


Chester is the nerd’s nerd. He grew up in the EBM family. He was born in Liverpool, to the Atkins family. He lived a life of priviledge and was sent to private school, where he excelled.

Chester was accepted to Oxford on his academic record. He entered the Cybernetic Science program and also pursued a computer science minor. Chester completed his undergraduate in three year to go on to graduate studies where he earned a Doctorate of Cybernetic Science with honors.

EBM had already planned to hire Chester even before her graduated. His Doctorate only assured it. Inititally slated to take up the reins of the lab in orbit. Chester couldn’t manage the zero G training even with enhancements. In a fit of despair he went on a binge pub crawl then tried to drive home. During his blind drunk drive home he hit and killed Adelia Smythe, the daughter of Britains Prime Minister at the time. The PM wanted him imprisoned, EBM wanted to keep Chester. A deal was struck and CHester was exiled to the U.S.

10 years later, Chester met Barbara during a meeting in the Los Angles office…one thing led to another and they married, moved to Night City. Eventually Heather was born, Chesters pride and joy. Ever since her disappearance he has been a wreck. It has been Barbara who has taken the lead on Helen’s safe return.

Chester Atkins

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