Britt Kandor aka "The Russian"

Iron tough man of few words




Skill IP
Skill IP Earned by Skill
Awareness 5
Athletics 8
Combat Sense 4
Handgun 7
Martial Arts 3
Rifle 1
Stealth 1
Wardrobe & Style 1
General IP, Before
Spent on… How much?
Resources 1 (Special Ability) 10 general
General IP, After

The Kandor family has been a power in Russian since before Rasputin, but since a disastrous event early in it history, the family has kept to the edges of the court instead of the limelight. This name event is remembered not in detail, but in the aftermath, where their prominence in court step them as targets for several other noble families, a target of jealous quickly brought down and fed to the noble jackals. Only by careful cunning and cautious strategies did the family recover, clinging to the shreds of its noble standing for several generations before finally stabilizing. The family concerned itself sole with its own existence and stability, spreading out its offspring, and gaining stable, if not lucrative wealth. When the revolutions came, the family lost dozens of lords and ladies, and much land, but a large portion of its wealth and most of its members remained, and they slowly, cautiously, picked through the pieces of the Empire to rebuild.

By the time the end of the Second World War, the family had diversified its holding in many countries, a tactic that proved prudent when the Russia eventually lost the Cold War. One such event of hedging bets was Lara Tarasovich, one of the project leaders in the mass driver construction project on Mount Kilianjaro, Africa. She dated a man named Lukyan Maximovich, who ran one of the construction crews. Their affair was cut short during the riots by the locals, who incensed by the hiring of imported work crews, terrible treatment of locals by those foreigners, and rumors the massdriver was not going aid Africa in anyway. While the ESA and Pan Africa Alliance put the riots down, hundreds lay dead, including Maximovich.

Nine months later, while she still lay in the birthing bed, Lara Tarasovich was greeted by several hard looking men and sharp looking secretary. It was explained that Lukyan’s grandmother, Ninochka Kandor, had lost all of her other grandchildren in what appeared to be poison during a family gathering. Lukyan Maximovich- born Lukyan Kandor- was the last of several family members that successful earned a place in the Russian mafia, and was the interim underboss of the Kilimanjaro area under a pure-blood member of the mafia could arrive. His untimely death did not change the fact that he- and his childern- were Kandor. As Lara’s son Britt was the last of Ninochka’s family line, he was to be moved to the family holdings, until more grandchildren could be produced. Informed that she could still die from ‘complications as a result of the pregnancy’, Lara offered no resistance, despite losing her very well placed, and prominent job.

Jaroslav Sizy Kandor- his mother’s name was removed from all records and any paper trail was physically burned- was formerly adopted into the Kandor family and given ever thing he needed to succeed. Though he was quickly replaced the heir of Ninochka’s family branch, he performed well and showed incomparable loyalty. Top notch training, advanced teaching, and plenty of encouragement to take up the family name, perhaps rising as high as a second to a ‘proper’ family member. They family had expected their obvious wealth, influence and power would pull the child of an outsider into their fold. Jaroslav , however, watch his mother waste away in her polite prison, a second class citizen somehow stuck between a servant and political mistake the family was too embarrassed to acknowledge. A solemn and quiet, only his frequent fights with others of his age gave an indication of his disgust for those who would suffocate his mother.

Jaroslav had taken up the role as an operative- usually a bodyguard for uncles and aunt too paranoid to trust hired help- for the family a year before Lara died given birth to Dmitri (the father is unknown, and Ninochka is rumored to have paid a lot to insure he stays unknown). He stayed on a few more months, recording every indiscretion and sin his family hid from the world and each other. When he had enough evidence, he contacted a low level hacker and traded the data for some hard credits. The video, audio, and documents were uploaded to the ’net, and subsequently taken down mere hours later by hunter-killer style netrunners in the employ of the family. The damage was done, starting the ruining of several business deals, continuing on to insulting another noble family, shattering dozens of marriages, and ending with causing at least three Kandors to be disowned. Swift, deadly retribution was denied when the family discovered the charred corpses in the townhouse where the upload came from.

Jaroslav vanished into Night City, thinking his alleged death keeping him free from his family. He took the name Britt as his handle- hoping against the odds that most would think he’s an Englishman with a fake Russian accent- but was stuck the handle “The Russian” from a few friends he picked up. His jobs proved successful, but low key. He avoid the Russian mafia as much as he could, and picked no fights with anything that could have resulted in contract with any Russian nobility. He started dating Morgan Landry, and after another explosive end to their relationship, he took a job he had not thought through. The results were as explosive and the fallout with Landry, but with the damage being more of a physical nature.

Britt woke up on Watchmaker’s table, filled with tubes, pain killers, and the latest in operative level cyberware, including a new set of legs. “I don’t know whose footing your bill, my Russian cog, but they are paying me to leave your scars where they are”. Britt, however, knew exactly who was had saved his life, and the cost. So when the package arrived- details on a job he would have normally avoided- he wasn’t surprised, and he didn’t reach his house until the mission was complete.

Since that time, he has preformed several jobs for the family, netting them a decent return on their investments. He has only returned to Watchmaker once a year, as instructed, so she can do routine maintenance of a nature she has been thus far disinclined to share. In the service of his family, he has worked for Anton Ivanov “Crazy Ivan”, crossed paths- and bullets- with Patty Hurst , spent an uncomfortably long period of time locked in closet with Kestral (long story where they were both set up by her employer, trapped in a box, and dropping off in the Nevada desert), and been arrested by Edward Kilmartin (charges dropped due to an unrelated netrunner burning the hard drives and causing the evidence room to burst into flames). Recently, he has met with his younger brother, Dmitri Kandor, a boat racer. Britt assumes Dmitri has another career other than boat racing, but has received any proof of the matter.

After a few unsuccessful relationships, Britt linked back up with Morgan Landry again. The results were expected, yet no less dramatic for the both of them. A few years later, Britt met Nadya Mykhaila during one of his protection jobs. They a solid item since.


There has been an interesting moments where Britt has been sucked into a job by an employer kidnaps Morgan Landry to force him into a job,. Also, during said mission, Britt had an uncomfortable meeting with Olivia Delacroix left him uncomfortable and thinking there was no way she was flirting with him.

Morgan Landry assisted with a mission that involved breaking into a media production company, but during the exit she was killed in the gunfight. In response, Britt tossed the Corporate who bullied the team into doing the job out of the extraction aircraft.

His family has asked him to look into his missing cousin.

Due to the failing on a mission, the team fell on the wrong side of the Valkyries, and they sent a team pair of solos after Britt. The result sent Britt back to Watchmaker’s table. His funds were seized, and his team was sent to retrieve a package. Still injured and loaded with healing drugs, Britt picked up the package and then ordered to deliver it to Suborbital Air.

Britt Kandor aka "The Russian"

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