Anabella Yale aka Bella

Work hard play harder. She's going to burn out real fast.


“Yeah, tha’s right, I was born on Luna. She ain’t kidding you, chum. But never really felt there to be home – I mean, been living on Earth since I’m one month old. Ya see, some friends of my parents, thay had that kid while up there, my Jack baby-brother, and Space really ain’t kind on toddlers. He grew up all twisted and crooked, can’t even set a foot on Earth for his spine would snap like a twig, see ? By the time I was born he was like two years, and problems would start showing already. So Mom and Dad, they sent me to Earth, so I’d grow up like a human being and not be a crookbone by the time I’d twenty. I lived with that old friend of Dad, knew him from High School I believe, name was Aaron Schodler. Yeah, Head of Management for Andersen Consulting California, that was him.”

“Twas fun then. By the time I was twelve, ole Aaron liked to have me at his private parties, with some top-lev execs from OA. Used to have some poor shmuck tied up there, and they’d go a’playing with him the whole evening, torture him some sometimes, or just have him run through the corridors chased by a Sec drone, watching cameras. Then I’d usually get in for the finish, and kill him in front of the guests. Once he’d been tied again o’course. Aaron was real fond of me, he wouldn’t have risked me being injured. T’was a bit on the easy side maybe, but I sure learned alot ’bout the right places to hit someone.”

“Then old man he caught AIDS III, died in about a year. I hated watching him just become a walking skeletton, and the doctor just didn’t know what to do. Used Aaron’s access to have that asshole retired. I still got my ole man’s yells during the night, wakes me up all trembling when the weather’s too hot. That’s why I gave up Snapcoke once he died, used to see his face in mirrors and windows when high, that got real scary.”

“Was put into custody of a guy, named Vince Harvey. Real freak, a wife that used to bang her head against the fridge all night when she took Phosterin, three kids he’d fucked since they were four, and a whole collection of Spike J pictures, from the LA Deathball team. Even had the action figure, used to pray to it like some crazy Jesus. Spent most of my time at tech school, staying late and sometimes sleeping in. He wanted to get me, but was afraid since that night when he had come to my room and I shoved a handheld welder up his crotch. Never touched me, but sure looked bad when I came around. The kids, they were okay I guess, but never talked much really. Then one of them just went totally Barney – come home with girlfriend and a 12-g shotgun, killed father, brothers and tried to do mother when I got girlie with Vince’s Herbertz Collection Hunting Knife. Looked at it, and shot himself in the head. Then I went to Psycho hospital for a while.”

“When I got out, I got that job at Ether Repair, MC company that fixes all kind of aerodynes. They have an exclusive contract with NCPD, so things work pretty well. Went along, but I was just getting bored, till I discovered Gun-Fu. I chanced upon a demo at Adrian’s Dojo, and… whow ! So I got myself into the lessons, and started practicing. Tell you, chum, that really is the best thing I’ve done in my life. It’s kinda like dancing, with the adrenalin getting so high you feel your eyes gonna pop, and time slows down as Death becomes your partner… I love it. Only thing, can’t do that in Orbit when I go see my parents. Doesn’t work well in low-gravity. That’s a shame, coz I’d really love to show them what it’s like. I mean, beem practicing for the last eight years, even started teaching it at the Dojo last year. But there’s no way – not up the grav Well. Well, I don’t feel I really belong up there anyway.”

“Hey, It’s not like that being a Highrider ain’t useful sometimes. I’m still officially registered in parents’ company, and Orbital Corp Immunity can sure make a cop freeze. I’ve got many pals in NCPD, but that’s corp cops I’m talking about.”

“I just love to piss them off. Wanna come and see ? EBM’s office just a square away…”

Anabella Yale aka Bella

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