The latest and greatest…yea we have that, but its not exactly as people imagined it would be. It isn’t the shining utopia Isaac Asimov hoped it would be. It’s more like the dark and dirty world of William Gibson and Walter Jon Williams. Yes there is a world of clean immaculate buildings and glittering technology but that is for the privelidged few. The rest are stuck in the trash heap of humanity where tech is a tool as much as it is status symbol or even currency.

The Internet

The world like it or not is connected, almost completely integrated into the net. Just about everything is or can be on the net either wireless or wired. The internet or simply the net or web is a universe almost to itself. Devices, datafortresses, and the conections between them make up this “universe” It has its own rules and language. The ability to interpret this is the bread and butter of the Netrunners. They jack in with their cyberdecks and project their conscious into this world of programs, devices, and aritificial intelligences. They themselves, their conciousnes some even say their soul becomes data.

Where is the ’Net? Its everywhere and nowhere. You can find it in a coffee shop and you can find it aboard a nuclear powered submarine. It is accessed by nearly everymachine in the world through hardlines and wireless signals. Nearly everywhere you go there is a wireless signal. Of course one has to have access. The gateways are always protected by ICE. Often times the wireless signal itself is encrypted.

Netrunners who access this universe do so through a cyberdeck. They literally plug their brain directly into the ’deck. The cyberdeck translates the machine language of the internet into a virtual reality that can be understood by the netrunner. What makes the ’runner different is she has the abiltiy to project their consciousness via the cyberdeck into the web. She can literally travel around the globe at the speed of light or thought.


Long gone are the days of brass casings littering the street after a pitched battle. Almost all ammunition is caseless. Weapons are equipped with electric firing pins and less moving parts. It takes real technical know-how to repair or even customize guns. Guns are also smart. They come equipped with built in electronics, lasers, and COT sights. However they can be even smarter. Solos can be seen with their guns jacked into interface plugs and inside their cyberoptic is a crosshair every where that gun is pointed.


In the early 20’s massive urban riots nearly destroyed many majors cities. Helicopters couldn’t get in between the buidlings, ground forces were hampered by barricades erected by the mobs. At the time the military was developing small vectored thrust vehicles to quickly move troops in urban environments. This program was fast tracked and the first AV’s saw deployment in the cities. Police departments, corporate security forces, militaries around the world, and even private citizens bought them.

There are two methods of lift employed by the aerodyne. The first is vectored thrust from jet turbines. The exhaust is computer controlled to keet the craft balanced and moving at the direction of the pilot. The second method of lift is from ducted fans often driven by small jet engines. They too are controlled by the same avionics that enable flight of the former method. Both systems generate a great deal of thrust but are not as efficient as fixed or rotary wing aircraft thus the range of the aerodyne is limited.

Nowadays aerodynes are deployed by police departments and corporations wordwide. TTI™ is a prime example of this. They can drop onto a two lane street or hover directly next to a fiftieth floor window to evacuate patients.


Lost your leg in an accident. Don’t worry we can replace it. After years of conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, and, Central America the trauma surgeon became real good at saving lives. What they couldn’t do was put the men and women back otgether again. This is where DARPA became the pioneer in cybernetics development.


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