“We got a hole through the radiator – into the timing case. Gonna take at least 24 hours”………………………The Mechanic from Mad Max: Roadwarrior

The folowing are house rules or my attempt to cover an area of rules that is lacking some realism.

Breaking your stuff.

All equipment, items, cyberware, ballistic vests, cars, everything has SDP. The book lists this for many items, however there are a great many that do not have a stat. For example a cyberleg has a SDP of 30 the book says it can take up to 20 before being disabled. That no longer applies. Damage to equipment will be rated as Light , Serious , Critical , and Destroyed . Each of these is 25% of the items SDP rounding down. These categories will be important later.

Example: A cyberleg’s light damage limit is 7, serious 15, critical 22, and destroyed 30. So if the this leg gets hit for 6 points it has taken light damage.

Gear can still be used in a broken condition. However, it can be damaged further by continued use.

Category Penalty Diff to Repair
Light 0 10
Serious -2 15
Critical -4 20
Destroyed -8 25

Continuing to use an item the character must roll 1D10 vs the penalty. If the character exceeds the penalty then additional damage is avoided. Failure means the equipment suffers another 1D6/3 SDP damage.

Fixing your stuff

There are two basic things required to fix your stuff, parts and labor.


The cost of parts varies based on type of parts used and what the item is being fixed. Part type percentage x % of damage x item cost new.

Your basic cyberarm costs 3,000eb new out of the box plus options. The arm has taken 8 points of damage and is 27% damaged.It is also considered Serious damage. 27% of 3,000 = 810eb if using brand new OEM parts the cost would be 100% of 810eb. Whereas refurbished OEM parts run 648eb.

Why should you use new OEM parts…well there is a chance for the equipment to fail if the parts are off spec. This can be avoided with increased periodic maintenance of the equipment.

Repair Parts cost table.

Part Classification Discount
New OEM Parts 100%
Refurbished OEM 80%
New non-OEM 80%
Refurbished non-OEM 60%
Used OEM 50%
Used non-OEM 40%


Fixing your broke stuff takes time. Assuming you have the skills and the right tools you can do it yourself. A little hard though if its your cyberarm of course. So we take it to someone who can fix your stuff.


The time to repair something is calculated as follows: 6hrs x Damage Percentage / Skill level of Technician rounded up.

Example our previously mentioned cyberarm if we take it to Lucky with a cybertech skill of 3; the time to repair will take 6hrs x 27% /3 = .54 hours rounded to 1 hour


Labor costs money. The more labor the more money. Talented labor costs more, but can often get the work done faster.

The formula is: Time in hrs x Diff x Skill Level of Tech x 5 = cost of labor

Example above continued 1hr x 15 × 3 × 10 = 225eb

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