Med Center

Med Center


This section of town Is known as the
Medical Center, thanks to the
concentration of health-oriented
businesses found here. This area Is one
most crowded In the dty. Riled with
offices, the two-building Convention
Center,theTransitCenter, CrisisMedIcal
Center, etc., the human traffic In this
area Is of such a volume that the dty
has started constructing a vast skyway
which will Interlink this block and the
rest of the dty to allow a greater
volume of traffic.

This upscale environment was designed right from the start
the first zoning ordinances gave special consideration to
Trauma Team and CrisisMedical, among others. This has also
kept this area of town clean even through the worst years, as
the security around here is tight. lately, though, with the
development of the Transit Center and the labor troubles at
the Post Office, concern has been voiced that even thisarea
will begin to fa ll to the gangs. Alarmed by this possibility, and
seeing what has been happening to Medical Block. security
has been redoubled.

  1. Municipal Criminal Justice Complex:

Towering over most of the city’s buildings, the dark blue mirrored glass of this Corporate funded monolith perfectly complements the cold, clean look PR officials desire for the local judicial system. Inside its grand tower and subterranean passages is one of the most efficient examples of the modern justice system at work. Housed here you will find the Night City Police Precinct #1, the city arraignment courts, jail cells, braindance rehabilitation areas, a police academy, and simulators for the officers, as well as the normal offices, file rooms, and vehicle and weapons training and maintenance areas required by a police force.

Regular visitors (both workers and inmates) call this edifice ‘The Muckjuck’ (from MuCjuC), but thisdoes not belittle its impressiveness in anyone’s eyes. Sort of like joking about A-bombs.
Security level:4

  1. EurasLabank Plaza:

This corporate office structure contains the North American
headquarters of this financial institution. With direct lines to
all of the world’s stock exchanges and brokerage houses,
these offices control much of the money that is processed in
the Western Hemisphere. Although it is not widely known,
the United States Federal Reserve has heavily invested in the
European commodities market through this bank, in order to
help the economy recover from the isolationist years. This
knowledge is, of course, sealed under secrecy agreements.
Security l evel:3
84#3 The Post OffIce
Although the main means of communication in the 21st
century are electronic (datatenns, faxmail), or by courier
services (United Express, etc.) there are still limited holdouts
who feela letter isn’t a letter unless it has a Class Fstamp on
it. Thus, even in 2020, there’s a Post Office.
But not the United Stotes Postal Service. With the Collapse,
mostservicesofthe United StatesGovernmentwereeliminated
or drastically reduced. One of the first to go was the U.S. Mail.
With its antiquated delivery vans and dark-ages computer
tracking. the old monopoly was no match for a host of
smaller, more sophisticated private organizations. As a result.
most mail services throughout the U.S. are now provided by
these private service vendors.
Night City’s postal service is provided by the largest mail
delivery corporation in the country, Federal Express Mall
Service (a wholy-owned subsidiary of the Federal Express
shipping giant). FEM$’ bright blue mail kiosks can be found
on street corners throughout the (ity(65% chance). Stamps
(.95eb) and envelopes, as well as othershipping supplies, are
dispensed byvending machines on top of the mail drop box.
Oeliveriesareat 1O.OOamand 3.00pm, with pickups at 12.00
pm and 6.oopm.
This building houses the central clearing house and dispatchers
area for FEMS’fleetof delivery AVs. The actual AVs are stored
on pads throughout the city, and follow daily routes that pass
through this main terminal.
Security level: 1
84#4 The Central:
This hotel is definitely luxury, but has none of the bells and
whistlesofmost otherlodgings. The furnishings areexcellent.,
the rooms spacious, and the price high, but beyond that.,
everything is strictly utilitarian. No tassled drapes, no goldplated swan-shaped faucets.. . no vanities or fetishes will be
accommodated here. There is, of course a huge waiting list.,
made up primarilyof professionalswhodon’twant distractions.
Security level:2
84#S The MacMillan Building:
This oHice complex is known as ·Shrink Tower· to much of
the city because of the large number of psychologistsl
psychiatrists who populate this building. There are also
several doctors whose private practices specialize in “white
collar’” injuries. Occasionally a real nut case is brought in to
help one of the tenants research a thesis. They don’t get
loose… at least not often.
Security l evel:2
84#6 The Grand Illusion:
The Grand Illusion isone of the hottest rock clubs on the West
Coasl Known for its three bars and hot dance floor, many
‘big name’ artists got their start in this club and pay homage
to it by appearing under assumed names.
Unbeknownst to most., Johnny Silverhand and KenyEurodyne
bought the club in 2012. They did not announce it publicly.
Driven by memories and using their influence, they have
begun an open mike night on Thursdays which is regulany
attended by an executive of Universal Records. the label
under which both men record.
The Grand Illusion exists for one purpose only: Music. While
patrons are encouraged to party, the security here is very
strict. All weapons must be checked at the door, and
everyone is scanned. When leaving, patrons have their
weapons returned, even if they are illegal. It’s all a part of the
trust that the club uses to get cyberpunks to part with their
weapons. The ex-Samurai bandmen are working their way
towards the dream of a nonviolent future.
Security level: 1
84#7 Bay Bridge ResktentJal Hotel:
The majority of this building is occupied by a residential hotel
unit., where visitors can rent fullyfunctional apartments by the
week or month. The standard of furnishings is excellent.,
though by no means opulent. The .security is decent.,
although most tenants bring along a few extra gadgets.
Half of the lobby is occupied by Mark 24, a major-chain
convenience store, open 24 hours. Ammo can be bought
here if you know the right passwords (few people do).
There is also an express elevator to the Night Owt, the bar
located on top of the building. This bar is one of the only bars
in the city which never closes. The crowd it attracts is of the
no-nonsense, mind-your-own-business type. No dandng..
quiet music, pool tables. light meals, that sort of thing.
Besides its never-ending bUSiness hours, the Night Owl is also
one of the few places in the city where you can still obtain
real(!) beer, and they carry over one thousand in stock (oron
special order if you become a regular at the bar).
Security l evel:1
84#8 The Afteritfe:
This converted mortuary has three different areas, “The
Antechamber,” “The Crypt.,” and “Hades”, which are all
inhabited by hard-drinking, hard·fighting solos who come
here to enjoy the atmosphere and the camaraderie. As one
delves deeper into the Afterlife, each successive chamber
becomes darkerand more dangerous, with Hades being filled
with the combat veterans who hire out for the highest prices.
The Afterlife might best be described as a cross between a
country-western bar and a motorcycle guild hall. The sound
system plays a variety of martial music and gothic rock,. and
the closest thing to dancing is the occasional brawl. But this
is a pro’s club, no one needs to prove themsetves; their
presence here is proof enough. Any brawls are strictlyfor fun;
no one wants to smear each other, but they do play hard. Although many people come to the Afterlife to hire solos, a
largerproportion postmessageson amarqueewhich circulates
proposals throughout the bar. Those who do enter the bar
do so at their own risk. and have paid the price in the past
Security Level:1
84#9 Amertlne Depot
This is the central nervous system of Ameri1ine (a national
system of heavily armed charter busses). The Airport Shuttle
also uses this depot as a base of operations in Night City.
Not wishing the terminal to become the stereotypical home
of drug addicts and prostitutes, Ameriline hired a private
security force to maintain the area and keep it free of
“undesirables.” Despite these efforts, there has been a
resurgence of crime (due to a contract dispute with the bus
line’s contract security).
Security level:1
84#10 Garage:
This Is where the buses load and unload. It’s a simple concrete
slab with a steel raincover overhead. The northwest end
contains garage and maintenance facilities. This is where
most of the illegal activity occurs.
Security Level:O
84#11 The Night City ConvenUon Center.
Known as N(J, the Center is used by organizations who wish
to hold their business gatherings on the Central Coast
Renowned for its vast auditoriums and halls (to say nothing
of its bar and restaurant) the Center is consistently booked full
with conventions ranging from the Grand Orderof Opossums
to the West Coast Gun Show to the World Book Association’s
annual display of up and coming (i.e., media-hyped) authors.
Security Level:2
84#12 Trauma Team Tower:
This building houses the main corporate offices as well as the
localoperationscenterforTrauma Team, Inc. Theoperations
center contains a dispatch office, armory, maintenance yard,
supply depot and launch area for the many AV’s used by the
Patient Retrieval Teamsnt •
Security level:]
84#13 Barbkan Building:
This black edifice contains the main offices of Argus Inc., a
company specializing in netrunner software. Argus, which is
owned by Livewire (see Cyberpunk 2020, pg. 212), has been
focusing lately on developing applications for the many local
medical facilities. Well regarded among the netrunner
community, Argus programs are considered to be some of
the most reliable commercial products on the market.
‘The Short Circuit is a bar set on top of the Argus offices.
Favored by many of the city’s netrunners and techies, it is
highly useful for people looking for help in those areas. The
bar’s other interesting features is its rotating floor, which
allows patrons to see a panoramic view of the City below.
Although there has been a lot of corporate interest in the bar.
Uvewire has forbidden recruiting there because he’s had
problems with corporations and no longer trusts them (orthe
people who associate with them).
Rough, street-hired bouncers make sure no one exceeds the
dress code. In addition to normal booths, there are booths
with interface jacks which allow netrunners access to an area
in Netspace where the bar is represented. Whether online or
not, many netrunners use the bar as a gathering place to
exchange news and services.
Sewrlty Level:2
84#14 Crisis Medical Center.
This hospital has one of the most advanced modem-day
Trauma Centersin theworld. Manyofthesurgeons employed
at the Center have combat surgery experience from anyone
of the Central American conflicts and are very efficient at
quickly repairing any damage done to the body. though the
repair may not necessarily be “pretty”. Although work is done
here without questions, many of the critical cases are only
transferred to the City Medical Center if their insurance will
cover the extended care.
Security Level: 1
84#15 The Jelllcallnn:
This is another hotel catering to business travelers in town
attending various conventions. Although the accommodations are somewhat spartan, many business people
enjoy staying at this theme inn, which requires that all
personnel attire themselves as cats. This seemingly stupid
idea is successful as many travellers appreciate any diversion
from the normally oppressive atmosphere in which they
work. Although constantly booked, the hotel keeps one wing
of rooms open (at inflated rates) to those people whose
relatives are hospitalized in the nearby medical centers.
Security level:1
84#16 Medical Techn~ogles:
This corporation is dedicated to the replacement of body
parts. The main building is dedicated to replacement meat
artificial growth of new, and the storage of "donatedH body
parts. The second (eastern) building is a new addition to the
Medical Technologies Corporation, and holds a new cybernetic research and development group. ArI underground
tunnel runs between the main building and Crisis Medical
center. There is also a landing pad for ambulances on top of
the main building.
Security level:1
84#17 Uniform Group Health Building:
A local HMO occupies the majority of this building. Most local corporations have contracts here. The top ten floors
of this building are leased to small businesses, mostly
specialist practitioners. The local Arasaka office provides
security in exchange for health care benefits.
Sewrtty Level:2
84#18 WoridSat Communkatlons Center:
This building is more than just acorporate office building, its
also the heart of communications for many intemational
corporations. In addition to the vast cellular network which
they control, the executives of this corporation also have
interests in the L -5 stations, where they provide some of the
communications satellites linking them to both the Terran
and Lunar communities. Every so often, some paranoiac in
the Corporate Center accuses WorldSat of beaming
microwaves at their offices.
Security level:3
84#19 Hotel Hamilton:
This modem hotel is very popular with visiting business
executives due to the design and security of the building.
Although it has some smaller rooms, most are two or three
room suites, with full entertainment centers, miniature
dataterms and business centers. There are also several
convention areas for limited interest meetings.
Security level:2
84#20 U(F)C Health Sciences Center:
This is a branch of the University of Free California Medical
School. where med students go for their two years of
schooling. Some internship is done here, as well. The onestory block that juts out from the west side of the building
contains a 24-hour emergency clinic run by the students and
interns. They do just fine on stab wounds. broken bones, and
gunshots, but the serious cases are referred to Crisis Medical.
Theywill not tum anyone away (they want the practice), but
if someone can’t pay the fee, the practitioners will cut back on
expensive supplies like, say, anaesthetic. At four in the
morning, this place isoften packed with screaming boosters
getting amputations and the like. It’s not uncommon to get
additional injurieshere, especially when a wounded chrorner
thinks he’s been waiting in line too long.
Security level:1
84#21 Madre Maria Children’s Hospital:
Thisbuilding specializes in obstetrics and pediatrics, although
gynecology isalso practiced. Surprisingly, this hospital isone
of the leaders in natural childbirth.
Security level:1


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Med Center

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