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Edge of the Night is a blend of elements from Bladerunner, GITS, CP2020, and my own vision of the future.
When R.Talsorian first published CP2020 in the early 90’s they had no idea how far technology would come. It’s 2015 in the real world and we are just now starting to interface the nervous system with machines. Now fast-forward another 60 years. It’s 2077 and the world as we know it has changed for the worst. What has happened is the rich are richer and the poor…well you know the score.

Character Backstories

Everyone has a story. Who you are, where you come from, why you have a tattoo on your face. Get creative or not however, every character will have a backstory. All backstories will be submitted to the GM (me) prior to introducing the character into the game. Characters must have motivations, goals, enemies, friends, family (or a reason why no family), contacts, people you know, people you trust. I will help with building this for you.

The Rules and a warning.

It’s simple, I am using the CP2020 rule book as the basis for the game. However, this is an adult game. The world of 2077 is raw and in your face with drugs, sex, violence, and rock-n-roll. People die and there is nothing you can do about it. If you want fluffy elves and magic go play that other game with the orks and crap. If you want to choke slam your enemies and role-play in a world that can chew you up then this is for you.


The following rulebooks and supplements are in use with some exceptions.

Character Building

Go here for a step by step sequence to getting started: Start Here.


Combat will be resolved using the FNFF rules. There are a few house rules that are explained in this section.

Experience & Reputation

You may get better if you don’t wind up at Ripper Doc’s. People will hear about you too. So don’t look bad.

Cybernetics, gear, vehicles, and weapons


The World as You Know It





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