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  • Shania Quick

    Shania was practically born with a wrench in her hand. It's in her blood thats for sure. Shania likes to joke that she was made instead of conceived. Shania is the only child of James "Jimmy" Quick and Donna Quick. They moved to the west coast before …

  • Techne

    Techne joined the Valkyries to get revenge on the ones that killed her family. She is slowly killing her way through a long list of people. She does this mostly with devices and traps. She is devious, creative, persisttant, and if anything patient.

  • Chester Atkins

    Chester is the nerd's nerd. He grew up in the [[Euro Business Machines (EBM) | EBM family]]. He was born in Liverpool, to the Atkins family. He lived a life of priviledge and was sent to private school, where he excelled. Chester was accepted to Oxford …

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