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  • Eran Malour

    Thirty-two years old and a decorated veteran of the brushfire wars of South America, Eran Malour decided he had seen enough. After eight years in the Marines, Malour returned to the United States, and using his veteran's benefits, started up his own …

  • Detective Louis Brandt

    Detective Brandt is the model of an overworked law enforcement officer. In the eleven years working as a policeman, he has seen just about everything possible in his field. Presently he is attached to the Homicide Division at Southside. Because of his …

  • Magretta Cippolina

    Daughter of once-famous movie mogul Franscesco Cippolina, this strong willed, raven-haired beauty is determined to restore her father's old studio to its former glory. To do this, she has entered into a partnership with a small eurocorp that has had …

  • Renee Reynard

    Renee Reynard was once a top draw on the European rocker scene. Her last album, _All These Foxes_, sold four million chips in just seven weeks. But a hard-driving singing style and life in the fast lane put too much strain on her vocal cords and resulted …

  • Maxi West

    Another talent scout. Maxi is in charge of finding new bands to showcase the Colonial music video production. She frequents all the major clubs.

  • Tim Ward

    A security guard at Colonial. He and Maxi are friends, and he often refers her to bands he likes.

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