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  • Suds Joliet

    A retired Rockerboy who made his money on several classic 1990’s albums, Suds now runs a speakeasy (specializing in his home brew) in an old warehouse. The speakeasy, known as The Slammer is a central meeting place for many peace talks between gangs. This …

  • Music Man

    Music Man is the equivalent of Night City’s wandering minstrel. He has no set home, but plays for his lodging at various bars. In addition to his music, Music man also sells information.

  • Willow Stevens

    Willow is the lounge singer at the Pallazo in Night City. She does her performances via braindance interface which is projected into the lounge using a hologram projector. Her music style is very ho.

  • Rhiannon Gandolfini

    Rhiannon is the hottest X rated actress in DMS' X Division. She is a solid revenue producer. She is going to be starring in a limited series of X-rated braindances that are rumored to be going to push the edge. If there is one persons body people want …

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