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  • Threat Levels

    h1. *THREAT LEVEL, THREAT CODES, & SECURITY LEVELS* *Threat Level Is a [[NCPD | NCPD]] term used to define the level of deadliness of an opponent. It Is rated from AA to E. AA being rated the most deadly and E being the least. Along with the threat …

  • HI WAY

    h1. *HI-WAY* In between the cities, along the old interstates, outside of anybody's jurisdiction, wait Hi-Way. The name is general Nomad slang for the various legal agencies charged with law enforcement in the "great wide open," Texas Rangers, …

  • Med Center

    h1. *Med Center* [[File:501158 | class=media-item-align-center | Medical_District.png]] *This section of town Is known as the Medical Center, thanks to the concentration of health-oriented businesses found here. This area Is one most crowded In …

  • Edward Kilmartin

    An Irish beat cop on the streets of Little Italy. He knows where all the Mob businesses are, but he isn't talking. He believes the Mob to be a lesser evil than the Corporations.

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