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  • Julia "Patty Hurst" Jones

    Julia is a lieutenant in "The Boss'" crew. She pretty much killed her way up the ranks. She has no hesitation when is comes to taking someone out. She suspects there are infiltrators in the local family and intends to expose and dispose of them.

  • Edward Kilmartin

    An Irish beat cop on the streets of Little Italy. He knows where all the Mob businesses are, but he isn't talking. He believes the Mob to be a lesser evil than the Corporations.

  • Vinnie Ciccione

    Vinnie has been with the mob for 8 years. He has worked his way from a local tough guy up to professional hitter for [[:the-boss | "The Boss"]]. Vinnie's loyalty is unquestioned in the mob. He also has an affinity for Arasaka equipment. Vinnie says it's …

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