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  • Japantown

    h1. *JAPAN TOWN* [[File:463199 | class=media-item-align-center | Japantown.png]] *The streets never rest In this section of Night City, whether It's the scum that surfaces from the Park at night, or the glltzy corporates vlsltIng the Bodukkan to …

  • Hichigo Kanzaki

    The local yakuza clan head or oyabun, he is an aging but still powerful man in his sixties. Impeccably dressed in a severe grey suit, he is never without his bodyguard of six enforcers. Among his retinue are his son Shin (slated to inherit control of the …

  • "Bill"

    A pal of [[:savage-doc | Savage Doc's]], he can set up an appointment at any time during the day or night. He works at the Hotel Yamigumi as a bellboy.

  • "The Knife"

    A Yakuza hitman now operating in the Night City Area. A master of disguise; no one knows what The Knife looks like, or even what sex this assassin really is.

  • Kenshiro Saeba

    A young solo who served in the Central American Conflicts, Kenshiro once worked as a private investigator in Little Italy, where he picked up the nickname ''The Night Hunter".

  • "Shinobu" Nakagowa

    "Shinobu" is one of the most publically active of the entire Nakagowa Kabuki Troupe, playing all the group's female lead roles. Bio-sculpted into "her'' role, Nakagowa always appears in public dressed in kimono and moving with the grace of a feudal …

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