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  • HI WAY

    h1. *HI-WAY* In between the cities, along the old interstates, outside of anybody's jurisdiction, wait Hi-Way. The name is general Nomad slang for the various legal agencies charged with law enforcement in the "great wide open," Texas Rangers, …

  • Edward Kilmartin

    An Irish beat cop on the streets of Little Italy. He knows where all the Mob businesses are, but he isn't talking. He believes the Mob to be a lesser evil than the Corporations.

  • Tyler "Killzone" Owens aka TKO

    Tyler is the man when it comes to tracking down and taking psychos, cyberpsychos, or anyone who gets in the way. His favorite close in weapon is a Militech CAWS loaded with APEX ammo. For longer range work he uses a Militech Ronin light assault. He also …

  • Dakota "Cowboy" Bennett

    Dakota "Cowboy" Bennett is a former professional cafe racer now NCPD cop. He has been on the force for about 11 years. His biggest passion is bikes. That all ended in a near fatal crash 13 years ago. Dakota wiped out along with 6 other bikes. He was …

  • Olivia Delacroix aka Dredd

    Olivia grew up in a cop family. Everyone in the family was a cop or married one. Olivia was the latter. As a little girl she knew. Her great grandfather gave her his collection of comic books. She flipped, after all she was a complete nerd. Her favorite …

  • Zach Elder

    Detective Sergeant Elder is almost ready to retire. He's seen enough. His captain gave him one more case, it's always one more case. Probably because he gives a shit.

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