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    h1. *COMBAT* table{border-color:green}. |\2=. *ATTACK MODIFIERS*| |\2=. *WEAPON RANGES*| |Handguns|50m| |Submachineguns|150m| |Shotguns|50m| |Rifles|400m| |Throwing|10m x BOD (-10/m/kg. >1)| table{border-color:green}. |\3=. *GRENADE …

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    h1. *COMBAT* p. Not everyone can agree to disgree. So they settle the old fashioned way! h2. *The Basics* h3. "*Rounds & Turn Order*":#Rounds h3. "*The Fast Draw or Snashot*":#Fast h3. "*Actions*":#Actions h3. "*[[Hand to Hand]]*":#HTH …

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    "Hit Location":#Location "Armor":#Armor

    p. *Damage* in combat is determined by rolling groups of six-sided dice. If a rule says, "roll 2D6", for example, you would roll two six sided …

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