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  • City Center

    h1. *CITY CENTER* Governmental nexus and hub of the City government. See your taxes at work! Theoretically, Night City is actually a Corporate Controlled Democratic Mayorality; in which the ten largest corporations get to place their own board …

  • Mbole Ebunlke (aka Judson Freeman)

    The Mayor was reelected as a result of the support he received from the corporations; support he received because he was groomed to be a well-behaved corporate puppet. Although he was Ebunike. Whatever his name, Mbole's getting to be very unpopular these …

  • Garven Haakensen

    In stark contrast, the Assistant Mayor can always be found in his office. Garven plays Machiavellian politics, and has his crosshairs on the Mayor's seat (for starters). He has contacts with ali the special interest groups, as well as the corporations and …

  • Melinda

    A young joy girl, working the streets until she gets enough cash to start a small antique shop.

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