Bruce Skiv "The Boss"

The Boss...What more can you say?


INT 9, REF 8, TECH 6, COOL 10, ATTR 8, LUCK 9, MA 7, BODY 6, EMP 7

SKILLS: Intimidate 10, Pistol 7, Oratory 5, Education 5, Stock Market 3, Specific Know(Mob) 8, Leadership 5

CYBERNETICS: Shift-Tacts, neural processor, pain editor, Sandevistian speedware.


The local “Capo di tutti Cappi” is an up and coming fixer-turned-Mob corporate manager, who has made a name for himself the length of the Coast. Bruce Skiv (also known as ‘’The Boss") can be found either at Balboa’s, at the Chrome Ring, or at Beppo’s. Every morning starts with a shave at Guido’s, of course.

Bruce Skiv "The Boss"

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