Skinny kid hacker, painfully awkward around girls, into tech cartoons like Transformers or those anime robot shows


Was a rich kid. Father was a rather high ranking CEO for Tech-Military company. Only time he was home was when there would be a dinner party. Mom was a drinker, and pill popper. Dad would hire medical aids an hour or so before the parties just to have her not fall asleep at the dinner table.

As for the children of James Steel, John the eldest and Rearden the youngest were give the best education available. John basically raised Readen, the growing resentment John felt towards his father because of the neglect, the enabling and callous care for his mother Cherryl, and the early life responsibility to take care of his kid brother. John started deck building and with the near endless funding from his father he had created something near a super computer. Which John used to commit corporate espionage against his father company selling the information to competitors, hacking and corrupting the militech mainframe. During this time John was teaching is brother Readen all he knew, both kids seems like naturals at figuring out netrunning.

One day John disappeared, with out a trace. Rearden waited a week and then logged into his brother deck, was immediately swamped with RFIs for his brother. Rearden took over the netrunning jobs that his brother had started but branched out to attack any gang/corporation/gov etc.

During this time Rearden had the Steel House all to himself, takeing job after job missing many meals and nights of sleep rearden accomplished alot for his contacts, but wanted for nothing since his father had bottomless pocket. Rearden found some information for an assassination against Dina Goldman the DA from the booster gang Maelstrom. Rearden actions saved the DA but also got one of the top bosses of the booster gang physically mutilated. Rearden approached the DA about the incident and the DA was eternally grateful, asking for help from Rearden occasionally to confirm suspicions an targets – then getting the information legally. However eventually the booster gang found out who was to blame for the mishap and swears vengeance. Leading to Rearden having to move out from The Steel House.

Recently sold his soul to the Solid State Society.


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