Straight laced corporate shaker with a sharp wit and keen intellect



Mitra has it all. She has a career that is rewarding and has some serious perks. She even has a boss that isn’t a complete prick.

Mitra grew up in the Oaks a suburb of North Oak. Where her father was an intelligence analyst with HQ, CINC-NORPAC. Because of her fathers connections she was able to attend the same schools that the kids of the rich and powerful went to. Mitra’s mother was an employee of Raven MicroCyb.

Mitra was able to attend UCNC and then begin her career in sales for Biotechnica. She has busted her ass to move up to sales coordinator for Military Sales because of her background. It wasn’t long ago that her father passed and her mother experienced an emotional breakdown at work. She was laid-off and now lives with Mitra. Due to some issue with her fathers contractual obligations not being met they were forced from the luxury condos in the Oaks.

Mitra has had a string of affairs and relationships. The first was with Ari, whom she met at a fashion show in the Oaks while she was still attending UCNC. it was a fiery time in her life, but Ari broke it off suddenly. Not long after she graduated from college. As a graduation gift her father bought her a car, she immediately traded it in for a motorcycle. She told Dad it just wasn’t her style. That same year she met Dakota, who introduced her to the world of racing.

Two years later Mitra was named in a lawsuit against several corporations allegedly embezzeling money from arms contracts to Night City PD. The lawsuits were dropped after the evidence was found to be manufactured and Mitra was cleared of any wrong doing. She found out that the Militech rep., Travis “TJ” Demontrond had dropped several names to cover his ass.

Her last relationship was with a Randall Stavros, he turned out to be a complete and total ass. Mitra isn’t so sure about the dating scene these days.

Mitra plans to move up to regional sales in the near future as long as nobody finds out about her nocturnal jaunts.


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