Kaito Shizuka aka "Samurai Jack"

Modern day Samurai with sword and submachine gun


He was born in japan in 2042 in the city of Ōkawa. While his early years are nothing to note his High school years a few very important things happened. First off when he was 14 his mother was murdered. This would Haunt his father and leave him mostly unattended for the rest of his high school life. He Became a delinquent when he fell into the wrong group and for 2 years up until he was 16.This would be the year where He left his former friends after they raped a girl on campus. He left them due to this and a few days later they got into a fight with him. He almost got killed till a go gangers came and saved him. In return he joined them. They did job got some police contacts met a girl who he broke off with much later. It was when he was 29 when the go gang hit up a warehouse which was under State police watch. Most of the gang was killed and he was hunted. Using his police contact he fled toward Tokyo to hide out from the police.It was here where he started to reform himself. Soon He local police in Tokyo was hunting him and so he had to leave. Using his arsaka contact he went help him get a boat to night city(Which explains the 500eb cost.) He even got him a house knowing he owes him a favor back.

16-Fast affairs and hot dates
Age 17 Nothing Happened.
Age 18 Big score on a job or deal for 1000 Eurodollars
Age 19 Made powerful connection in the City Police Department (Portland Police)
Age 20 Romance: Your lover’s friends/family would use any means to get rid of you.
Age 21 Find a combat teacher. Add +1 to any weapon skill or begin a new combat skill at +2. (Sensei)
Age 22 Friend: Like a foster parent to you.
Age 23 Nothing Happened.
Age 24 Happy Love Affair GF #1 Rio Maki
Age 25 GF #1 was murdered by an unknown party. (Biotechnica found out GF was selling data)

Corporate technicians
Mother was murdered at a young age.
Family status ok
Spent childhood in a decaying upscale neighborhood
Younger brother Who hates me Tahiro Shizuka
Younger sister who likes me (Idealistc kid, doesn’t get why brothers are so wound up)
Younger brother who Hates me (Both brothers feel like he dishonored the family)

Speaks Japanese as a first language.
Normal clothes, Neat, short, Ritual Scars
Japanese in ethnicity
Stable and very serious
Values no one and values honor the most.
Feels like every person is a valuable individual
Values his sword as a personal item.

Kaito Shizuka aka "Samurai Jack"

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