Dina Goldman

District Attorney for Night City.


Dina is not your typical lawyer. She has a real sense of justice.

Dina grew up in the Oaks. Her father was a very successful corporate lawyer. She was spoiled to no end, going to the best schools, getting the best clothes, eating the best food, and so on. She had it all. Her father expected her to follow in his footsteps and join the same firm he was a partner of. Dina was exposed to the inner workings of his firm as an intern. She didn’t like what she saw. She hated her father for what he did and how he earned his wealth. After a massive argument, Dina left home permanently. Her father stopped paying for her education.

Dina however was a star student at her law school and continued attending on scholarships. She eventually graduated with honors and came to Night City looking for work. The Night City District Attorney hired her without hesitation. The DA thought that with Ms. Goldman on staff he would have some leverage on Goldman and Smith so that they would support his bid for public office later.

Even in the DA’s office Dina found corruption. She almost quit, in light of this discovery. However, she decided to work from within the system. She began clearing cases with a 98% success rate. Part of her success was reliance on researchers and netrunners like Rearden. She owes him a favor. Dina has amassed a large amount of research data on many people.

Her specialty is organized crime. She has a found this area to be the most insidious. Particularly since corruption of government officials is common. Dina believes this will eventually lead her to discover evidence against the DA himself. She has a secret cache of evidence that she keeps on an off-site system. Dina constantly receives death threats, blackmail, and extortion threats.

Dina Goldman

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