Deidra May aka "D-Day"

Arasaka hottest AV pilot.


Diedra May gained her skills as a young warrant officer in the Marines flying Aerodyne in Columbia. She flew the big heavy assualt AV’s inserting and extracting Marines from hot LZs almost daily. After the war she came to Night City looking to fly AVs commercially. Militech passed on her while Arasaka saw she was more than a pretty face. They put her on a simulator and found she had the whole package, brains, skills, and looks. The HR director decided she would fly their high profile clients.

They designed a skintight black fireproof flightsuit for her to wear during low risk flights. She wears Gibson Metal Gear® flight armor otherwise. Even though Deidra has a crew chief, she always ensures her passengers are safely strapped in. The clients usually ogle her body while she does this, some make snide comments too. Diedra lets it go usually, but she has been known do fly the vomit comet pattern for particulary slimy clients.

She earned her reputation in Night City during the open conflict between Militech and Arasaka Security. She has nine confirmed kills on record and is itching to make it an even ten. Unfortunately her bosses don’t want to start another corporate war.

Deidra May aka "D-Day"

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