Dakota "Cowboy" Bennett

A cop that feels bad about giving out speeding tickets, hypocritical he says.


Dakota “Cowboy” Bennett is a former professional cafe racer now NCPD cop. He has been on the force for about 11 years. His biggest passion is bikes. That all ended in a near fatal crash 13 years ago. Dakota wiped out along with 6 other bikes. He was caught in the fireball and lost his right arm and both legs. If it wasn’t for the rules against enhanced riders he would’ve been back on the circuit.
Luckily there was another agency that was interested in his talents So Cal’s HI-WAY division. After a couple years out in the wastelands Dakota has settled into a city beat with NCPD.

Along the way he met Mitra. They became fast friends with their interest in fast bikes.

Dakota "Cowboy" Bennett

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