Carter Simmons

If it's bleeding its a job. Carter is the guy to go to when your really F***ed up.


Carter Simmons grew up with his older brother by 5 years Carlton and his two corporate parents. The parents never got higher than mid-level where his mother, Star was the bread winner while his father Carrington ended up with her, but at a lower level. The both made good money but had bad habits. Star liked to have nice things and Carrington liked to gamble. His brother Carlton grew up mostly a latchkey kid and taking care of his little brother Carter. The family although making good money spent most of it on themselves so Carlton had to make due for himself. He ended up mixing with bad elements but did manage to make good money. He arranged with his parents to send Carter to a nice school but due to the sketchy nature of the money told his parents not to reveal that it was from him. That and besides his hard exterior truly loved his brother. Carter on the other hand never really got that. He assumed his brother abandoned the family and got mixed up with scum so he doesn’t have a very high opinion of his brother.

As far as current contacts, I assume he works for a trauma team making good money. He’s probably done some private work for the gang his brother runs with and due to his talent may have been approached in secret by his parents company to due some off the book things.

Carter Simmons

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