Carrington Simmons

Political operative and womanizer


Carrington has been part of the political machine ever since he was in highschool. He has busted his ass to move up, politics in Night City is a contact sport. Carrington liked to remain behind the scene staying out of the spotlight. He didn’t like being a politician, just the power that comes with the position. Carrington maneuvered and spun his politicians in to power and reaped the many benefits.

He met Star along the way and had to have her. She was always there until they had kids. Then it all began to unravel. Star spent all of her time taking care of the kids. Carrington was blowing cash left and right. He had several affairs, mostly with hot young interns and corporate underlings. Women were always attracted to power.

When Star found out about the affairs she threatened to take it to the press. He capitulated and moved out but kept paying the bills. He hated her for slowing down his career. She wasn’t supposed to get pregnant. It wasn’t part of his plan. Eventually he told her he was leaving her and stopped paying the bills.

Carrington was free again to pursue his climb up the political corporate ladder. He made enemies and allies along the way. Most importantly he made himself indispensable in the political arena.

Carrington Simmons

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