Carlton Simmons aka "The Connection"

Successful fixer with numerous connections and skeletons


Carlton’s claim to fame is moving goods to the street. His numerous contacts with smugglers and pirates in the docklands provide him with a steady supply of grey and black market goods. At the other end his contacts on the street and in various basement and back alley clinics provide plenty of demand.

The market is always good in the zone. The local gangs are always tearing each other up. So the ripper-docs and med-techies stay busy. The Maelstrom uses “The Connection” as their primary source for illicit drugs and illegal cyberware.

Carlton’s brother Carter has no idea about what exactly he does. Their mother is in rehab and Carlton does his best to ensure she gets the best care possible. Carter thinks it is the insurance that is taking care of the bills.

Carlton’s father is pretty much absentee and has been for their entire life. He always made sure the bills were paid and there was food, real food, on the table and they always lived in a nice place. Other than that Dad has been wrapped up in his career.

Carlton Simmons aka "The Connection"

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