Dr. Jonathan Brisby

A Ripperdoc with an open door policy and a strange past.


Role: Medtech
Sex: male
Age: 30
Ethnic origin: Caucasian
Height: 6’2" or 1.8796 meters
Weight: 245lbs. or 111.13kg
Eyes: BRN
Hair: BRN



Born into a large and wealthy corporate family, Ambrose Byne was separated at birth from his twin sister Amber and the rest of his siblings (Karl, Kevin, Mary, David, Scott, and Lisa) pronounced dead and sold to a secret research facility by his father Fredrick Byrne. His childhood would be one of constant peril, but triumph over adversity, education, and the friendships he made would give his life purpose.

Stripped of their SIN and pronounced dead, the 100 children admitted to this lab would pend the next 16 years being educated, trained, tested, tortured, drugged, brainwashed, and experimented on. Of the original 100 only 20 would avoid madness or death long enough to be released on their 16th birthday. It was a childhood of pain, tragedy, and desperate hope.

Ambrose was kicked out of the back of a truck and into the heart of the combat zone with nothing but the clothes on his back. Within minutes he was attacked and nearly killed by a couple of gang members, but luckily was saved and given a place to stay by a solo named Cates. Having the equivalent of a doctorate and having had helped operate on wounded “classmates” growing up made him useful to the solo as he was able to treat the many wounds he suffered in his line of work. In exchange, Cates kept him safe and taught him the ways of the streets – even teaching him Choi Li Fut so that he could defend himself. The two spent several years together until Cates gave Ambrose a new SIN card and identity after pulling a favor from an old netrunner friend of his. When he was downtown picking up his new ID card Brisby ran into Jun Zhao who was a childhood friend and fellow survivor. Jun was left in the corporate zone and has done very well climbing through their ranks. Now known as Dr. Jonathan Brisby (Jonathan Brisby was a character from an old cartoon movie called The Secret of NIMH about a group of rats and mice that escaped from a secret lab) , he found his place as a streetdoc in the combat zone.

At first, it seemed that being unaligned with any particular gang was going to be a death sentence, but after successfully treating several booster gangers nobody wanted to be the one who iced such a valuable resource. In the beginning Brisby did a lot of work for practically nothing – making sure family members got the right medicine from the fixer, helping both Boosters and their victims, and just curing the sick and wounded. His reputation as being friendly, having an open door, and “no questions asked” policy spread through the zone and earned him several friendships. On one occasion Brisby saved the life of a local nomad pack member and earned their trust and friendship. It wasn’t all beautiful and perfect however, as one botched skinweave job left Sidara Flame of the Warrior Heart gang horribly disfigured for weeks before it could be fixed. Due to the burnt look of her skin and the name “Flame”, Sidara was subjected to ridicule by her fellow gang members and hated Brisby for about a year and a half – ripping into him verbally whenever he was within earshot. Eventually Brisby was forgiven and the two became friends.

When he was 25, just three years before leaving the zone for Old Downtown, a bizarre chance mix up made Jonathan Brisby the subject of a city wide manhunt. A cyberpsycho had brutally murdered 14 people in the Little Japan district before disappearing into the combat zone. After being beaten up and arrested by C-SWAT, it was later determined that they had the wrong guy and Brisby was flung back into the zone with the rest of the garbage- but not before making a deal with Detective Louis Brandt that in exchange for his silence over this mishap Brisby could get a little inside information. While Brisby’s face never made it onto the news his name certainly did, and the arrest just solidified his standing among the gangs as a fully fledged “Lector”.

At 28, around the time he was moving into his new apartment in Old Downtown he met his current girlfriend Karen Liston, and they have been together ever since. Their relationship has been based on mutual loneliness and the mockery of anything “cool” or “hip”. Although they both have a mutual admiration for each other, it’s yet unclear whether this romance will stand up to the test of time.

Tired of being poor and marginalized, Dr. Brisby seeks his fame and fortune by helping those who he feels will make the greatest plays against the system that failed him.

Dr. Jonathan Brisby

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