Avery Cates

A legendary Solo who may not even exist.

The older and more experienced Netrunners and Solos will all tell you that Cates is a real person. He was a self trained Solo who worked as a “ferryman” or assassin for decades before all available information on him vanished. The younger and less experienced Solos and Netrunners that have actually heard of Avery Cates will tell you that he’s nothing more than a boogeyman or an inside joke among the fossils.

Some of the more common rumors and stories about Avery Cates:

  • Cates can fire seven shots out of a revolver.
  • He can read minds, and knows what you’re going to do before you do.
  • Avery Cates was a friend of some of the older Solos and they keep telling rumors about him to honor him.
  • He is an average Solo with a legendary PR team.
  • Cates works on an underground railroad for rogue A.I.

There is an incredibly rare piece of unreleased interview footage of Morgan Blackhand seemingly talking about Avery Cates that many think is legitimate. The transcript from the interview is as follows:

unidentified female interviewer -“…do?”

Blackhand – “Pfft, I don’t know…die probably.”

(they both laugh)

Blackhand – " He smokes a lot and drinks too much gin, so I don’t know. There is something that he said that I’ll never forget though." (clears his throat) “Your whole view of the world changes when you’ve killed someone for money. You can solve anything through murder. Someone shoves you in the street, you can follow them all day until they’re alone in a darkened stairwell–and pop! Problem solved. Someone short-changes you or doesn’t pay up, you could wait for them, and pop! Problem solved. When you killed someone for money, you realized that the world was just a fucking machine. Push here, something happens. Pull here, something happens. Push and pull in a coordinated sequence, and you could make just about anything happen.”

(there is a ten second period of silence before the recording cuts off)

When Morgan Blackhand was inevitably questioned about this vid clip he simply replied, “No comment”.

Avery Cates

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