Ari Østergård aka Big O

Androgynous yet strangely masculine German with a lisp.

Ari Østergård is know as the Big “O” or just Big “O”. In any case the man (loosely used) is an expert in women’s fashion. He has an eye for what really looks good on a woman’s body and how to design it. He also has a line of men’s wear as well and is expanding to include ballistic wear.

He has custom made dresses for Shauni Kalnier and many other famous personalities. Saburo Arasaka has had suits made by Ari as well.

Ari’s lovelife has been up and down. His proximity to so many beautiful people makes it hard to have a substantial relationship. Mitra was one such relationship. It didn’t and couldn’t last…Ari’s lifestyle and Mitra’s commitments kept them apart almost constantly. They broke it off but Ari thinks she still has feelings for him.

Ari Østergård aka Big O

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