Anne "BB" Braune

Optimistic and determined PI. She has a disarming personality. "No really, drop the gun."


Anne “BB” Braune is a private investigator like her father. It has been a family business for 5 generations. They have a reputation for discreet and confidential work. It is a hallmark of their success.

Anne met Kaito when she was following up on a lead in one of her investigations. They hit it off right away and dated for a time. It wasn’t long before Anne found out about her boyfriends past and broke up with him. She wasn’t surprised actually. Anne had hoped that he might be the one guy who wasn’t hiding who he really was. She told Kaito that it wouldn’t work, that they were in two different worlds.

She said maybe one day they could be together, maybe.

Anne got the name BB from her second name of Brunhilde. Her father always called her that and it stuck. She can’t stand her middle name even if its her great grandmothers name. She is the sole owner of Braune Investigations now, since her Dad was ripped apart by a borged out psycho three years ago. She has real issues about those freaks nowadays and carries the biggest gun she can, as well as keeping a rifle in her vehicle.

Anne "BB" Braune

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