Edge of the Night

Mission Report 04182077.001

Fargo Wells recovery.

23:00 Lo-Life: Mysterious call from unknown person offering employment. Pay based upon performance.

02:00 Warehouse 214: Met with contact (Wilbur) at warehouse 214. Contact brought team into the warehouse to meet employer contact who subsequently shot and killed Wilbur.

02:17 Warehouse 123: Secondary contact (name unknown at this time) escorts team to secondary location. The team is brought into an interrogation room of sorts. Security in the building seemed very tight. Employer speaks via remote and gives details of job.

  • The job: locate and bring back a Fargo Wells.

03:29 Fast Eddie’s Pool Hall: Located known associate Toothpick. Associate said he hadn’t seen Fargo in some time and recommended check out former girlfriend.

04:47 221 Baker St.: Made contact with Caitlin Jones. Team member Steel spoke directly with contact. She knew of a few places target could be at. Fast Eddie’s and night club called the Garbage Dump. Contact claimed to have broken off relationship with target.


SSveter SSveter

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