Edge of the Night

Mission Report 04182077.003

Secondary Objectives

0700 Suitcase contents:

Airport Locker Keycard, Buisiness card "Ralphie’s Rock Renaissance, Suit, Voice Analyzer, and Bank of Hong Kong cash card.

0730 Team travelled to Biotechnica Lab where corporate assets were made available.

Locker keycard (Location and PIN identified)
UV Light ink on back of business card revealed “Elvis, 7pm Saturday”
Suit was of no consequence.

Lab Tech billable hours : 8

Weapons maintenance

Telephonic recon of “Ralphie’s” reveals no valuable intel.

1855 Team Arrives at Ralphie’s

1900 Miss Anasho spotted by Elvis display. Katio initiated contact.

1903 3rd party attacks: Ralphie employee killed immediately, knife wound.

Ms. Anasho suffers life threatening injuries from micro missile fire.

Operator Kandor suffers near catastrophic damage to cyberleg

Operator Simmons suffers amputation of leg from micro missile. is nearly terminated by secondary missile. Missile impacted helmet.

3rd party assailants terminated within operational chronological constraints.

Law Enforcement notified by Ralphie’s security forces.

Team self extracted before arrival of LEO’s

Note further operations shoud include the donning of personal ballistic protection prior to possible engagement of hostiles


SSveter SSveter

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