Edge of the Night

Mission Report Session 10

Not enough players showed….

Waited for 1.5 hours then cancelled.

I want to thank the players who showed for their patience and perserverance.

Mission Report 04182077.004
Final Report

2300: Operator Kandor has cyberlimbs assessed for damage. Watchmaker jury rigs legs to a partially operable status. Critically damaged otherwise and will need OEM parts, overseas shipping minimum 48hrs before delivery.

Operator Simmons’ wound is dermally stapled closed and treated with antibiotics until such time as the limb can be replaced.

Mr. Steel begins work on cracking the room keycard. He deciphers the card revealing room number and pin code for door.

0003: Ms. Mitra, Kaito, and Yuki return to the Pallazzo Hotel. A search is made of Ms. Anasho’s room. Her personal effects are recovered as well as a video message from Lorenzo Damarith. Mr. Damarith states he would be leaving with the cargo at 1900hrs later in the day.

0112: Analysis of the video reveals a shipping document in several of the frames. Upon closer examination the document contained information on the Lazaro a modest sized yacht.

0308: Mr. Steel penetrates the Night City Customs mainframe and gathers information on where the Lazzarra is docked. Other information is gathered for later categorization.

1705: Team prepares to make assault on the Lazzarra. Assumptions are such that the vessel will be occupied by armed personnel.

1848: Team arrives at South Night City Warf Pier 47. The yacht has two personnel in exoloaders nearby as well as one person on deck. All were armed.

1850: Team moves into position. Yuki is spotted by one of the exoloaders and is attacked. The exoloader operator makes a clumsy attempt to capture Yuki with the cargo clamps. Kandor, Steel, and Yuki engage the exoloader and kill the operator.

The second exoloader begins to move toward the team but is engaged and destroyed by Kaito with RPG fire. The explosion alerts the remainder of the guards.

Night City Harbor Patrol alerted.

Operational Note: Disabling the comms of the local LEO might extend response times.

Yuki and Mr. Steel are engaged from the boat with an incendiary grenade. Ms. Yame is set ablaze and extinguishes the flames in San Morrow Bay.
Operator Kandor takes out the assailant with small arms fire.

1851: The team advances as more of Damarith solos and well as himself beginning firing at the team. Kandor again takes rounds to the legs. One by one the opposing personnel are taken out.

Action of note: Operator Simmons despite missing one arm managed to remove the head of a solo with his monokatana.

Damarith seeing he was outgunned and numbered surrendered and gave the location of team objective.

1902: Team investigates the lower decks of the Lazzarra to find a living example of an Equus caballus. Samples are taken and the horse is loaded onto a nearby semi.

2139: Delivery of genetic data is made and payment for services secured. Mr. Namura was pleased with the results even if the methods were unorthodox.

Mission Report 04182077.003
Secondary Objectives

0700 Suitcase contents:

Airport Locker Keycard, Buisiness card "Ralphie’s Rock Renaissance, Suit, Voice Analyzer, and Bank of Hong Kong cash card.

0730 Team travelled to Biotechnica Lab where corporate assets were made available.

Locker keycard (Location and PIN identified)
UV Light ink on back of business card revealed “Elvis, 7pm Saturday”
Suit was of no consequence.

Lab Tech billable hours : 8

Weapons maintenance

Telephonic recon of “Ralphie’s” reveals no valuable intel.

1855 Team Arrives at Ralphie’s

1900 Miss Anasho spotted by Elvis display. Katio initiated contact.

1903 3rd party attacks: Ralphie employee killed immediately, knife wound.

Ms. Anasho suffers life threatening injuries from micro missile fire.

Operator Kandor suffers near catastrophic damage to cyberleg

Operator Simmons suffers amputation of leg from micro missile. is nearly terminated by secondary missile. Missile impacted helmet.

3rd party assailants terminated within operational chronological constraints.

Law Enforcement notified by Ralphie’s security forces.

Team self extracted before arrival of LEO’s

Note further operations shoud include the donning of personal ballistic protection prior to possible engagement of hostiles

Mission Report 04182077.002
Target eliminated mission objective change.

05:58 Target located and positively identified.

05:59 Target eliminated by third party.

06:00 Third party eliminated. Mission parameters changed to recovery of data held by target Wells.

06:45 Traced data to secondary location “Palace of Puppets” Explosive device triggered with no significant injuries. Suitcase recovered. Contents unknown at this time.

Mission Report 04182077.001
Fargo Wells recovery.

23:00 Lo-Life: Mysterious call from unknown person offering employment. Pay based upon performance.

02:00 Warehouse 214: Met with contact (Wilbur) at warehouse 214. Contact brought team into the warehouse to meet employer contact who subsequently shot and killed Wilbur.

02:17 Warehouse 123: Secondary contact (name unknown at this time) escorts team to secondary location. The team is brought into an interrogation room of sorts. Security in the building seemed very tight. Employer speaks via remote and gives details of job.

  • The job: locate and bring back a Fargo Wells.

03:29 Fast Eddie’s Pool Hall: Located known associate Toothpick. Associate said he hadn’t seen Fargo in some time and recommended check out former girlfriend.

04:47 221 Baker St.: Made contact with Caitlin Jones. Team member Steel spoke directly with contact. She knew of a few places target could be at. Fast Eddie’s and night club called the Garbage Dump. Contact claimed to have broken off relationship with target.


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